Jakon Rate

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Jakon Rate, Manuela’s given name in her own language, is also the name of her own non-profit Civil Association (Peruvian NGO) with members of her family. This formal structure will assist our educational and healing calls to service by providing legitimacy and legal protections under Peruvian law.

Associación Jakon Rate is focused on creating spaces to actively practice, learn, and advance the application of the worldview, wisdom, language, and customs of Jakon Rate, our ancestors, and the Shipibo-Konibo nation. Through our dedication to traditional Indigenous education, we are creating the vision of a modern Indigenous Shipibo-Konibo-based education system that can help the Shipibo-Konibo nation achieve balance with the Jakón Néte – ‘the life-giving good world’ on its path to autonomy. These educational spaces can also support the healing methods of Jakon Rate / Manuela and other traditional healers, and help transmit this wisdom to future generations.

For nearly 400 years, especially within the past 4 decades, Shipibo-Konibo communities, leaders, culture, and environment have been shockingly assaulted and dismantled to usher in waves of Eurocentric colonial paradigms. Our collective assimilation into the Peruvian national society and economy has caused our culture, language, and traditional stories to become remnants of their unique and complex origins, and has left many of us unbalanced. In many cases, key elements of our ancestral wisdom have become completely lost due to the intentional disruption of our channels for transmitting our knowledge from generation to generation.

In response to this, we have acquired an isolated peninsula of land, outside of Pucallpa, that extends out into the floodplain between the Cashibococha and Yarinacocha lakes. There we are creating a sanctuary and educational center to facilitate traditional dieta in isolation, known as samá, along with other educational spaces for cultural life-skills and activities.

Jakon Rate / Manuela is eager to teach all of those who are interested in learning to live in balance with the life-giving-good essence of creation from the Jakón Néte. She is also very willing to share how to guide others on this path through her traditional healing practices, both to citizens of the Shipibo-Konibo nation and outsider allies alike. We share this spirit of oneness as we actively promote positive change for ourselves and the world as a whole.

The Jakon Rate Center for Shipibo-Konibo Studies intends to bridge the educational gap created with colonization by creating an environment for traditional practices to be regenerated, relearned, and shared throughout the Shipibo-Konibo nation. We want to regenerate the intergenerational transmission of the Shipibo-Konibo cultural memory and wisdom, both for the defense of our people, culture, and land, and also for our continuous regenerative growth and wellbeing. Between 2020-22 we will be building the educational center to support our Nation and our allies, so we can all learn how to apply our traditional way of being and understanding of the natural world to live in balance with the Jakón Néte.

Inspired and guided by the great grandmother Manuela Mahua Ahuanari and the essence of her true name, Jakon Rate – ‘A Life-Giving Good Surprise’, Asociación Jakon Rate is dedicated to helping current and new generations learn and practice the Shipibo-Konibo culture with educational workshops, courses, and traditional samá to deeply reconnect with with the plants and animals from the forests and rivers of our homelands –through life-giving good shocks to the system– to help us take our power back. Jakon Rate!

To realize our vision will require a lot of dedication and support. The best way you and others can help and be part of this mission to regenerate and maintain the intergenerational transmission of our Indigenous wisdom is to come and participate in a traditional samá or a week or longer period of deep cleansing and energetic balancing. If you feel inspired to do this, please see our schedule.

We also ask that if you are able, please make a monetary or material donation to help make The Jakon Rate Center for Shipibo-Konibo Studies a reality. Every bit helps and it is possible to set up monthly recurring donations that are tax deductible for USA citizens or you can donate directly through PayPal at admin@alianzaarkana.com.

Our Board of Directors
Presidenta:  Luz Melendez Rengifo (Grandniece)
Vicepresidenta: Rossy Heidy Guerra Huayta (Granddaughter)
Secretario: Lino Carrillo Ruiz (Grandson-in-law)
Tesorera: Liz Melendez Rengifo (Grandniece)
Vocal: Manuela Gonzales Ramirez (Granddaughter)